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The calculator is an electronic machine that is invented by modern people to perform mathematical operations. Modern electronic calculators can perform the mathematical operations of handheld calculators, as they have integrated circuit chips, but the structure is simpler than a computer, is more convenient and cheap, and can be widely used in commercial transactions, making it one of the necessary office supplies.

The calculator is usually composed of an operator, a controller, a memory, a keyboard, a display, a power supply and a number of optional peripherals and electronic accessories, either manual or mechanical in composition. In low-end calculators, the digital logic circuit controller can achieve a series of simple operations, and random memory only has one or two units for cumulative storage. High-end calculators have microprocessors and read-only memory to achieve a variety of complex computing procedures, and there are more random storage units to store program inputs and data.

The keyboard is the input part of the calculator, it generally makes use of manual contact or sensors. To reduce the size of the calculator, a key often has a variety of functions. The display is the output part of the calculator, with a light-emitting diode display or a liquid crystal display. In addition to showing the results of the calculation, there are often overflow instructions or error instructions. Calculator power supply can make use of the AC converter or battery, and the battery can use the AC converter or solar converter for recharging.