Chinese Reading Excerpt

金星是天空中最明亮的一颗行星,它的亮度只比太阳和月亮差一点儿。 金星也是一颗在地球轨道之内绕日运行的行星。 金星被古人认为是“罚星”,太白经天更被认为是不祥之兆。

金星黎明前出现的时候,叫“太白星”;黄昏出现的时候,人们叫它“长庚星”,意思是长夜即将来临。金星的这个“习惯” ,同它在太阳系中所处的地位有关。它的轨道离太阳的距离比我们地球近。


Venus is the brightest planet in the sky, and its brightness is only a little less than the sun and the moon. Venus is also a planet that orbits around the Sun in a path between the Earth and the Sun. Venus was considered by the ancients as the "star of retribution", and it appearing in the sky was seen as an evil omen.

When Venus appears at dawn, it is called the "Morning Star"; when it appears at dusk, people call it the "Evening Star", meaning a long night is coming soon. Venus' "habit" is related to its position in the solar system. The distance of its orbit is closer to the Sun than our Earth's orbit.

Whenever we look up from the Earth, Venus moves back and forth within a range of no more than 48 degrees from both sides of the Sun. According to astronomers, for each 15 degree of difference between a planet and the Sun, there will be a rising and setting time difference of one hour. Therefore, Venus rises about three hours earlier than the Sun and sets about 3 hours later, so it can only be seen before dawn or after dusk.